Thursday, June 9, 2011

Personal Style: Retrofitting a Batman and Robin T-Shirt

Behold my Batman and Robin tshirt. One of my very first thrifted finds ever,  from yeeaaarrsss ago. My trusty, (nearly) vintage, Chris O'Donnell as Robin ringer tee. The one that always invokes questions from my 5 year old such as, "Is that a boy shirt?" "Why you like to wear that?", "Can we get daddy one?", and so forth.

I like to usually wear the tee like below, but I wanted to snarf it up a bit, so I added this little gray shrug, and smokey eyes. I think it's kind of cute, different, and unexpected.

These jeans have some spandex in them, so I must wear a belt otherwise they keep sliding down. But, I am fresh out of micro black belts and didn't want a gigantour buckle poofing out of the middle of my shirt, so I belted it to the side. It makes for a much better silhouette. Because belt buckles that look like a gut under your shirt is not winning.

The only danger, is random males will comment on any lady wearing a comic type tshirt. Like the magazine salesman guy my kids let in whilst I was telling them to pretend we weren't home. He also complimented my garden gnome.... I think he just wanted a sale. Too bad for him that I don't need any overpriced magazines!
*linked to clothed much's rule breaking monday.


Kristina P. said...

Super cute! I like tees like that.

Rachel said...

Love it! Try being the only girl in a comic book shop, you'd think the world was ending the way they stared at me!

Jessie said...

That shirt is AWESOME! I'm glad I am not the only one who wheres Batman t-shirts. lol

Leslie said...

Cute idea pairing that shrug with the tee! I really like how your outfit turned out! I found you via clothed much

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Unknown said...

The belt really adds some edge to outfit, it actually goes well!

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