Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Aquarius Girl Eye Make-up Tutorial

I tried a fun new eye color, and it's so easy anyone can do it. Most colorful eyes I see lately are usually way over the top for someone over the age of say, 17, or who isn't working in a salon. So I tried something a tad more subtle. This is the make-up I wore with my last 'thrifted librarian' outfit here.

If you have $, then I suggest Aquarius or Haight eyeshadow by Urban Decay. Awesome pigments (though not as good as MAC), and a nice, metallic shimmer. But I went with my cheap favorite Cover Girl shadows in aqua paradise, knock out pink and champagne. The 'fun' pigment colors only lasts a few hours before going dull, but still fun, right? (Except champagne, that pigment lasts all day.)

I used the lilac/pink on the middle of the eye line (both top and lower lid) and the crease, champagne under the brow and inner corner, and my favorite liquid liner, bourjois paris liquid liner clubbing in black, curled the lashes then applied Maybelline Great Lash mascara in blackest black. I decided to go ahead and have fun by adding a small little wing at the outer corners. Yes, I forgot to color in my eyebrows. My eyebrow tattoos have now totally faded, so I rely on coloring in my eyebrows for a finished look.

Yes, my eyes are foldy and wrinkly... get over it self, I'm a woman not a teenager. I prefer to think of them as being 'expressive'. And really, my 3 year old has the same folded overhang, so I guess it's just who I am as opposed to sagging. Yay!


Mel P said...

Very pretty, playful and subtle. I love it!

Jessie said...

The colors look great with your eye color! I wear lots of purple eyes shadows, and I LOVE MAC colors. :)

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