Sunday, June 19, 2011

Personal Style: 70s Humanity. Sequined Scarves. Trousers.

  Something a little unexpected. Very 70's. I would never in a million years pair these colors together.
Looks like it's been a million years.

I love this shirt, and apparently, pairing washed out, fitted graphic tees in unexpected ways is a new thing for me to be documenting. The shirt reads, "Humans are no way to treat a planet." "A modified version of a quote from Kurt Vonnegut Jr. "Life is no way to treat an animal"." From those rapscallions,  mixed species.

And oh, if you think these are wide leg trousers... you should have seen the ones I put back! I kind of regret it, though they were a tad hideous/glorious and only $6.

I did very light and natural make-up since I was on the way to the gym. Though, I think it would look better with this outfit had I done a very heavy, winged black liquid liner.... and attempted to do something with my hair.

I shrunk a really cute, wool anthropologie cardigan a while back. Before I gave it to a local 5 year old girl (who loved it), I cut off the trim, and behold, this heavily beaded lace scarf was born.

shirt: mixed species
ring: miss bellas room   (her etsy)
trousers: bannana republic, thrifted
shoes: thrifted
belt: calvin klein, thrifted
neckerchief/scarf: anthropologie trim cut off a cardigan

*linked to clothed much's rule breaking monday


Tati_Strange said...

I loved the colors and the scarfs, looks really cute on you ^^

Have a nice week!

Mongs said...

cute sequin scarf and love the pants! You look vintage chic.


Garima Pal said...


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