Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Personal Style: Pinstripe Vest

I found this double breasted, pinstriped (cream/brown) denim vest with super cute buckles and ruffles at Goodwill. A whole bunch of things I love, but on a vest? I don't usually do vests. So I brought it home and tried it with this heather gray athletic craft shirt. It may not match, but I think it's pretty cute and it helps me keep my back straight... so there's a plus for my poor posture.

This picture makes me sad. I got all wild the other night and chopped 8 inches off my hair! (which really means about 6 inches, right?) So, now, no more fun buns and updos. I'll talk more about the cut in another post.


My two boys showing their fashion sense. Which is perplexing since they never wear these clothes... usually they prefer to wear the same four shirts all week long (Leggo Starwars and some cute monster shirts). Caleb is loving the beanie right now, even though it's crazy hot.

 And, these outfit posts would not be possible without my David. So, here is a little outfit post from him.

1 comment:

Jessie said...

I love this outfit on you! You look great and your hair looks perfect. Your hubby is a cute accessory also! lol You guys are adorable together, and such a cute family. :)

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