Monday, June 20, 2011

Sweet Treats: A Mad Tea Party

This is a REPOST of last year's Mad Tea Party. A Fanciful Twist's Tea Party this year is on the 25th. I'm planning on doing it again, so we'll see if it happens. But for now, enjoy... and I hope you have one too!
I've followed the white rabbit to join in A Fanciful Twist's Mad Tea Party of 2010.
Please have a cup of marshmallow topped hot chocolate, and a
cherry topped confetti filled cupcake or two.

No matter if you are late to the party, there's plenty to see and join in next year! Dress up in your shabbiest rhinestones, grab a chunky, rusty key and join a magical party filled with sugary sparkles...

 ...then make a wish on your magical teapot... saying, "friendship warms the heart"...


...and feel yourself be whisked away to the little Wonderland party of sweets...

...where candied cherries are the sweetest you've ever tasted,

and only the the most magical of jellybeans makes it to the table.

Here's a little tiara for you to try on...

...or you can tuck a sweet pink rose in your wild hair.

Now who broke my clock? It doesn't matter, chocolate covered, sprinkled 
pretzels makes all of those worries go away for now.


So, that is where that key went! What a lucky cupcake!

Marshmallows for tasting, or soft enough for throwing.

Sparkles everywhere you turn! 
Which is your favorite, the candies, cakes... or the jewels?

Even the glittery pink cake had a fun time dressing up in some sparkly, vintage jewels.

Crystal chandelier prisms hung from the cake stand adds a whimsical touch.

Well, at least the teapot dressed in a rhinestone necklace for the party.

I wonder where the other rhinestone earring has gone? 

Who needs earrings, when you can have crystal prisms!

Sweet peaches... for those needing a natural sugar treat.

Hold on to the key and it will take you back home.

Farewell, friends! I hope you had fun with the party!
I will update the grand list of parties to visit once they are all compiled.

But for now, it's time to be magically whisked back to reality and get some rest.

If interested, my handmade Alice inspired jewelry and the vintage dress seen in this post is available
for sale at my Jeweled Ambrosia shop in my Alice Section!

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Tati_Strange said...

Lovely photos! Just inspired to make a tea party x)

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