Sunday, October 11, 2009

Cake -a- tete

banner cakes kat hayes

My week break from blogland was nice and unexpected. We went with the hubby to his work conference for the week and I fully anticipated to blog while away. However, I couldn't save photos on his work computer, and my weak and quick typing fingers and laptop buttons don't get along, so I ended up disappearing.

Note to self, 2 toddlers in a hotel room for 5 days... never again. But, we did have a lot of fun and I have no regrets, and am totally excited that the boys only broke one drinking glass and a lampshade!

Oh, the coming weeks will be so very busy for our family, as we house hunt, David starts a new job (with a nice commute)and he goes on another conference, and at my favorite time of year as well, so I will try and keep up with you all. I thought, that perhaps some cakes in lovely display settings would merit forgiveness from my dear readers, as it seems to work in real life, right? Okay then.

Also, I had a lovely time at my 10 year high school reunion. I truly regret walking away without taking a single picture.  I regretted it as I walked actually, knowing full well I could just turn around and snap a few photos right quick, but I didn't. Perhaps it was due to sophomoric fear- a popularity regression, killer painful shoes, or the smoky room we couldn't stand to be in any longer? Do you ever do that, decide to not do something you will regret while you still have a chance to change it? Try not to do it next time.


 It was a nice time to see how people were doing and I am glad I went, even though I had a lot of anxiety about going, though the curiosity beckoned me. It's amazing how trivial that phase of our lives are in hindsight, though how difficult it was at the time. I suppose all phases of our lives can relate to that statement.


Have a happy Sunday, make a cake and eat it too (and NO Marie Antoinette did not say that!!),  and I will see you back soon, sweet tooth, tummy ache and all!


missbmckay said...

Great post.

vivian said...

oh dear.. now I want some cake! that rainbow one looked interesting!
Nice that you could travel with your husband on his business trip!
glad you had a good time!

Anne said...

glad you're back...but I must now blame you for single handedly ruining my diet with this post. I must now go make a cake and eat it too...and it's all your fault!

bodoba said...

I was just thinking how many rainbow cakes you would make at a time if you died an entire cake one colour and then cut them up in layers. Whoa! That's a lot of cakes!

Tali Schiffer said...

Love cake, so thanks :)
Reunions can be a little stressing, but they can also be such fun. My class skipped our 10 year, so I am waiting for the 15 years reunion which is 1.5 years from now...

Erica Leigh said...


you left a comment on one of my blog entries and you were randomly selected as one of the winners for my giveaway (yay!).

please e-mail me


Anonymous said...

these cake pics are all so wonderful! I think I love that rainbow cake best! A kid would flip if you cut into that on their b-day. Thanks for all the wonderful and sweet inspiration!
xo natalea

rachel is a dreamer said...

cute (and yummy) post!
i loved your advice about regrets. :)
peace & love!

Anne said...

SO, I awarded you a blog award today. Just stop by my blog sometime today and pick it up :)

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