Thursday, October 22, 2009

Treasures in Fall Decorating


This monster of a post is going to be in three parts. Harvest style,  touches of whimsy, and more pumpkin ideas!  Sorry to make it so long, but, folks, we are running out of time. Halloween is almost here so these ideas need to get out NOW! Next post will be treats and MY decorations here, so you can see what I have been a-brew-in. Enough talkin, start imagining how you can apply some of these ideas to your festivities or your home... If you really want some amazing ideas like decor, glittered pumpkins... then go visit Martha's Halloween page. Also,  The Decorated House has some great tips on painting those plastic pumpkins using Fusion spray paint! I personally can't handle anymore overload, (as you can see from my extra long Halloween posts) so the link is going to have to do!!)

Part 1: Getting Creative. Skulls, pumpkins and monsters are not the only thing Halloween decor is made of, so use something you have lying around, or in the attic, watch faces, keys, vintage baby carriages, anything!

watch faces and an awning, very 'Sweeney Todd' - curious sofa

Part 2. Decorate that Door! I will be skipping this part since I'm cooped up in an apartment, but for those of you who can, try skipping the foam tombstones, and pull out that wheel barrow, throw some hay and pumpkins in it. Put up some lights, twigs, painted gourds, garlands, candles, a wreath, urns, flowers, corn, create a welcoming theme for your entry way...

painted gourd ghosts, and vines - bhg

martha stewart

pottery barn

good housekeeping

spell a message to your guests -country living

halloween outdoors

Part 3: Decorate those Pumpkins! You can paint them, carve them, glitter them, but arranging them, that is the magic of a display. Pair odd sizes together, sort in sections of threes, cascade them down steps, or a table....

gilded pumpkins, so fancy, but not uppity -country living

paint them white, then add black polka dots, stripes and swirls - house of 3

or, after painted, stencil them, stamp them, put them in urns and candy dishes- house of 3

paint them natural colors, in plaids and other patterns, and disperse them with natural pumpkins -bhg

ooh, a candelabra! I would love to this this lit. -bhg

glue mini ones to a moss covered foam wreath, then tie with a ribbon

fall bounty on a fabric wreath, so charming - craftstatic

Harvest filled pumpkin. Hollow it out, insert a water filled jar and fill it up, put on a pedestal. Easy!

love the plaid and argyle painting. with a nice shiny coat of sealer/polyurethane -country sampler mag

or a pretty, primative harlequin design

Henna pumpkins! I used to do henna way back when, got certified and everything. The key to it is having proportion in negative and light spaces. So basically, keep the design centered and even, thin lines, then swirl away. Start small in the center, and then build out from there to create, paisleys, flowers, lace designs...  here are some free ebooks, or google for more. Henna kits can be bought at craft or beauty places like Sally's.

Classic black and white. Simple vignette includes boxes, leaves and a frame. Don't have pretty boxes that fit your theme? Then wrap it in paper. Store the paper in the box and change it out during the seasons.

paint your pumpkins, hot glue ric-rac and sprinkle with moss.
freehand scrolls. or, you can always get this effect with those nifty vinyl stencils

skewer through a pole for a lovely pumpkin tower! put two flanking your front door or use as a centerpiece -country living

mini jack-o-lanterns on a multi tiered pedestal, ingenious!

pumpkin head in a jar! love the clear glass pedestal stands serving up gorgeous candy apples

beautiful pumpkin cascade, aqua looks so perfect in this autumn setting

dried hydrangeas, white pumpkins, candles in a serpentine pattern, lovely.

Thanks for your visit! Feel free to link to your Halloween ideas, I  would love to see what you have done!


Christie Cottage said...

Oh I love the pumkins painted white with the black drawing on them Cool post!!

Thank you for posting your link on my blog thread. I already follow you.

Alberto Castro said...

I looove interior deco, i loooove

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aurora said...

Boy I need to get the harvest decor going! Truly I am inspired by your post! Thx.

undomestic mama said...

My pumpkins are so plain! I might have to steal some of the ideas!

vivian said...

so many wonderful ideas Lisa! This must take you a while to collect and post all these pictures. but I'm so glad you do! The picture with the grapevine and the ghost gourds is how I usually decorate around my front door. If you go to my flickr and check the halloween sets there are pictures of it!
love all your headbands too.. your are such a pretty girl!

Anonymous said...

Wow! So many amazing ideas. Halloween isn't such a big deal in Australia... i always thought halloween decorations were a bit tacky but you have just proved otherwise! :)

Angela said...

WOW! So many great ideas!! Thanks so much!

Anonymous said...

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Unknown said...

I was browsing for unique and awesome Indoor/Outdoor halloween decorations and saw your posts. Fun & great ideas you have here. I hope it's fine with you that I could pin some of them on my Pinterest board halloween decorations. Keep up writing interesting posts as this. Thank you :)

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