Saturday, October 3, 2009

Halloween Costumes part 1

Last night, we celebrated my hubby's job offer that we have been praying for, for quite some time! We had dinner, got hot chocolate, then we were going to take the boys to a Halloween costume shop. My 3 year old REALLY wants to be Sonic the hedghog, so I figured I may find something I can cut up and reuse. But, once we arrived, it was 5 mins till closing and it was a MADHOUSE in there! A flood of about 15 people {screaming teens} ran in right before the store locked the doors and tons of crazed people were coming out with bags in tow.

No thank you, I am shopping online this year! While many of us love the handmade aspect or diy-ing the outfits ourselves, a lot of you prefer traditional costumes that you know you can get several sizes (in case your whole family wants to be ninjas or something) without the uncertainty of custom orders, or good intentions of doing it yourself, taking the back burner due to life being hectic. Also, sometimes, a good diy costume still needs commercial accessories to make it complete.

So, here is Child Costumes. Easy to navigate website, lots of cute choices for teens and under for both costumes and accessories. Plus, the related accessories all show up on the one page of the costume so you don't have to keep searching and searching for those blasted matching gloves. And you can shop safely with your kid in your lap because they don't have oversexed or too scary costumes like they do with adult shops.

Enjoy your browse around Child Costumes! Homemade costume part 2 will be coming up soon!


Anonymous said...

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Cuttysark said...

I love your Halloween Costumes ideas. Thanks for sharing and good job.

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