Thursday, February 28, 2008




I have been making my glove puppets as custom only on Etsy... but I know as a buyer myself, I prefer to buy something outright, so I have really been needing to get these puppets ready and in the shop. So, my wonderful sister, BumblebeeBaby sewed up several puppet bodies for me (I create the patterns, and she sews them up in exchange for me doing her hair ;) so now I have a stash of blank puppets to work on! They sale really well at craft fairs... mostly I think because my sweet hubby walks around with one talking to people. They eat it up!


So here is my new hand puppet! The larger glove puppets are sooo fun, but a little more expensive and require both hands to use. These smaller hand puppets are great for kids for imaginative play and teachers to use in the classroom, because they can still use their other hand to write on the board, lead the music, point to pictures... I can't wait to get the other colors and varieties available!




lauren bacchus said...

oh my gosh! these puppets are soooo cute. I LOVE them. :)

Distressing Delilah said...

sweet baby/puppet pic! love it!

Poisoned Creations said...

I so love those puppets!!!

Little Lovables said...

I was jumping up and down (softly) on the bed trying to get a giggle from my 3 month old. Hence, the slight fuzzy picture. They are practically the same!

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