Tuesday, January 8, 2013

2013, Here We Come

2012 has been a year full of blessings and heartache. Pneumonia, having a totally adorable baby girl, my mom moving in with us, threatening suing our landlord/ us winning, moving, computer crashing and losing tons of family pics, youngest boy child entering preschool, returning to work after 6 years to an awesome salon, renewed energy in my jewelry designs, Auroa theater and Sandy Hook shootings, Jesse from My Mod Style giving me an awesome blog makeover, Obama winning again, leaving our lifelong, LDS/Mormon religion over REAL issues that most Mormons know very little or nothing about and seeing support from some family/friends and nasty claws come out from other family/friends over it... which I have to say is interesting that people will so quickly delete you simply because of a difference of faith... Now, we had our first *real* family photo shoot (by erin smith photography), just like I always wanted! 2012, you were a nasty you-know-what, but at least we got some good things out of you. Please be nice to us, 2013 as we continue our journey! But if not, we will roll with your punches and throw 'em back! Much love and peace to my lovely readers this year! And oh, my comp is STILL giving me major problems!  Visit me on pinterest to see what is inspiring me during bloggy dry spells :)

 Isaac, aka "Izzy" and "Future Heartbreaker", almost 7

Elisabeth, aka, "Lil Bit, Bit Bit, Miss Liss, Lissbiss, WizBif, Angel Bit, Fairy Berry", 7 months
Married 9 years, starting to show it!
 Caleb, aka "Cabah", "Chicken" and "Kissy Face" almost 5

 They love their grandma!
 I redid that chair, tutorial coming soon!
 She loves open mouth kisses, Elisabeth that is, not my mom....
  Year of the skinny pants, I kind of converted.

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1 comment:

Jessie said...

What beautiful photos. :) It's so nice that you were able to get them done. I like that they are outdoors. Thanks for the shout out as well. :)

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