Thursday, July 26, 2012

Homefront: Pneumonia and Moving

These last few weeks have been crazy. I got very, very sick about 3 weeks ago. Basically bedridden for several days, I went to the Dr and was put on a round of amoxicillin. They weren't working. After 9 days, my husband took me back to the Dr. They said, "Take your wife to the ER right now, she has a bad case of pneumonia." So, I was hospitalized for 2 days, should have stayed a few days longer but I was worried about money. I felt horrible, it was the day of the Colorado Batman shooting and I felt like I was a baby for being in the hospital when others where there for more serious reasons. I still feel very weak, dizzy and faint. I walk crazy like Captain Jack Sparrow. But I have lots to do because while I was in the hospital, our landlord decided not to renew our lease because she wants to move back into her house, and she basically said, "You have 30 days to get out." Just when I was starting to redecorate and get it cozy in here.

So, I'm still sick, and recovering, and we have been going crazy trying to find a place to live the past few days. Our area is in high demand. Homes are tiny, old, falling apart and dirty, and people are asking for $1200+ to rent homes that are worth way less. Realtors don't always call you back. Then they get all offended when you have to call someone else who will call you back. It's sickening and depressing. So, we finally found a place, that we can semi afford and that is mostly big enough and the bathtubs aren't rotting out... they got over 100 calls for it and almost bumped the price way up... but we got it through our own determination... even though I'm still sick with pneumonia. I almost fell over of weakness at the bank today getting the cashier's check for it. So, we will be wild with packing and cleaning and moving these next few weeks. Good thing I purged a lot and had a garage sale a few months ago when I was 9 months pregnant! I still want to do more de-cluttering though. Hopefully, I will recover from this pneumonia quickly. It seems I'm always sick on the weeks we move.
*Our landlord went crazy on us, and tried to pull a lot of illegal bull crap on us, even though we have been awesome renters and actually left her crap hole house 10x better than it was when we moved in. She tried to charge us like a crazy amount of money for simple nails holes. It was nuts and I threatened a lawsuit stating all the points in our contract in which she breached, so she backed down.  Win for us.
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Jessie said...

WOW! I hope you get better soon. Good luck with the move. Glad you found a place.

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