Sunday, January 20, 2013

DIY: Easy Jersey Flower Headband from Cut Off Yoga Pants

Being the short person that I am, I have many pants which are too long. So, I took these super comfy grey jersey pants and cut a few inches off the bottom. When I looked at my leftovers, I was like, hmmm... surely something can be made from that?! So, I instantly thought, "headbands".

I put one piece around baby girl's head and pinched a section to fit, then I safety pinned it so I had the right amount of fabric to work with. Then, I got out a needle and thread and simply worked that pinched section into sort of like a blossom, ruched type flower piece. I really just manipulated the fabric with the needle into the shape I wanted. It took me longer to find my scissors than it took for me to make this headband. The raw edge just rolls over so no need to even sew that part. I kind of like the detail from the hem on the other side, but you can always cut the hem off for more of a uniform look.

I took the cut off from the other leg and pulled it over my ears. Instant earwarmers for momma! :)  This is the kind of craft I like, fast, easy, very little mess or supplies, can easily be reworked if it doesn't turn out and it's free!

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