Friday, January 25, 2013

Homefront: Forgotten Chairs

Over the past many years, I have moved several times, and with each move, things have to go. I am not a sentimental person when it comes to most material things (aside from my horrific, towering, craft stash), but one thing I love is chairs. I miss almost every chair I get rid of, even stinky, broken ones, because I always think they can be fixed, and can be put in a corner somewhere. I really miss this blue chair. It was $7 at a garage sale, it leaned back, it was super clean, pretty comfortable, and a neat modern shape. It would have been super easy to slipcover or fabric spray paint. Oh, I miss that spray painted chair in that post tons too! But now, I can feel a little peace in my "Chair Addiction" Pinterest board, knowing that unloved chairs are being rehomed and rescued every day. Do you have a particular item that you have regretted getting rid of?

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Jessie said...

I had a vintage lime green vinyl sofa. I still miss that thing. I bought it when I was 19 years old working at an antique mall. (my first job) It had chrome square arms. You couldn't get anymore modern. I miss it so much. :(

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