Friday, June 26, 2009

To and Fro

photo by bomobob

A couple of days ago, I took my boys to see Nim's Island. A movie I had never really considered seeing before but it was all that was available.

shipwreck gown by threadbare uk

Our movie theatre has a free kid movie every Tues/Wed in the morning. I, having a hard time leaving my home during the day, decided to face the challenge and take the boys on a rare outing. I felt I had a bit (though not as extreme) in common with Alexandra in the movie who is a raging agoraphobic. We all really enjoyed the message behind the movie. And Gerard Butler. But mostly the message (and scenery).

earrings by kathryn riechert

The message that we must face our fears head on in order to conquer them. That we cannot be stifled by ideals, technology or criticsm lest we should fail to thrive. That sometimes being alone is okay, but having a confidant is even better.

photo by ds brennan

That happiness does not need to come through large means. That not even an expanse of an ocean unexplored cannot keep you from reaching your destiny. (you just need a bit of a push and make an effort to do it).

pelican by sandra healy

So, this is to my staycation this summer, trying to find ways to stay afloat amidst those currents of doubt, fear, anxiety, health, financial struggles, personal limitations...

photo by h o g n e

To aid you in your waves of inspiration, is the lovely Seaside Beauties collage by Faerie Enchantment of the Faerie Zine.


vivian said...

what a good mommy you are! I bet the kids loved going to the movies. we never went on vacations when the kids were small.. I used to take them to the beach all the time though and we cooked out all the time and ate summery food and it always felt like vacation anyways.
so Gerald butler is in that huh?? might just be worth seeing then! (wink wink)
have a great summery weekend!

Little Lovables said...

that does sound like fun vivian!

Diana said...

What a beautiful story! Good for you for getting out there and doing something. I'm honored that you chose my photograph to accompany this post.

All the best - your blog is lovely.

- Diana

bomobob said...

Wow, I just stumbled on this sheer chance! How sweet of you to feature my photo in such a lovely post :)


boatbaby said...

We HEART Nim's Island here aboard our boat. One of the few movies we have for the little guy. Wendy Orr is a great writer, you should check out her books too (Nim's Island, Mokie & Bik, etc)
Glad you found it inspiring on a personal level. Z loves the first-ish line, "I'm homeschooled, actually I'm island schooled." He always screams, "Just like me." Close enough.

Little Lovables said...

I am so happy and surprised that Diana and bomobob found my post featuring their lovely photos before I had a chance to let them know :)

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