Tuesday, June 9, 2009

A Little Revamping

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While my last post was on purging (and gaining) accessories for our home, today's post is on purging and gaining attitudes and activities for our lives.

Every so often, we decide that something has to change, even if just by a small measure. The full potential of happiness that a family can share together isn't happening as much as it could be in so many homes. Good, educational and bonding activities have been pushed to the side and have been firmly placed with forms of media, work, people who bring a negative shadow to your life, stress, mind numbing addictions... every now and then it is time to decide what needs to be lessened in the home.

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Hours, timelines and rules often need to be set on the internet, cell phone and the video games usage.

By purging certain activities,we have more room for learning and growth as individuals and families. Less frustration with lagging controllers, frustrated gaming, slow modems, keeping up with other's updates and your own clever updates, deciphering texts, weary eyes and carpal tunnel, bored and lonely kids, sad,lonely and angry partners. All things that can be changed with a press of a button. A willingness to change.

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There are too many important things in this life... Why would anyone want to throw those away on something that will not mean anything in the end?

"The American Journal of Psychiatry published an editorial claiming that internet addiction met the criterion for a mental disorder and called on the American Psychiatric Association to officially list it as such", read about it HERE.

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The Quarantined

Are you interested in your family's internet/twitter/facebook/blogging/gaming/texting addiction level? Rob Kalin "rokali", former Etsy ceo and Etsy creator posted the link in the forums to this internet addiction test. Answer honestly!

We as a family have decided to put on the pause button in a major life changing way so that we can open our eyes and see what is missing. With all of our free time and cleared heads, there will be more time for creating lasting memories that matter.

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There is no device connected

If you are looking to make changes in your media addicted family, please check out this news article and the video game widow's site, GamingSucks.com. It can be a long, lonely and painful journey, but it is one that must be taken. If you need further inspiration from a more spiritual source that may help you see the core of the problem, then check out this wonderful talk by David Bednar entitled "Things As They Really Are". text version, video version, audio versions.

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~Mrs. Guru~ said...

I love tv but think it can be bad if you watch too much.

Amanda.Sedeno said...

I hope your family gets more time to enjoy the little things. We always get caught up in games, computer and tv. Sometimes its just nicer and more rewarding to just "Smell the Roses" . Maybe you can do a a weekly game night and family craft night. It will bring eachother closer in a fun way!!

Pattie said...

I know what you mean, I often have to just take breaks from the computer. And, I have to get my boyfriend to stop playing his 360

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