Saturday, June 6, 2009

Purging Pretties

dumpster diving, thrifty

I have a problem. I admit it. I pulled a vintage armchair from IN FRONT of the dumpster the other day. I am in love with it. The fabric, the form... sure there are some loose springs, and I have no room for a chair, and the fabric (which I LOVE!!) is yucky and holey anyways... but it was free and I wanted to do a simple (ie. no sewing/no piping) reupholstery project. Also, (this is the REALLY funny part...) My husband, ALSO pulled an office chair from in front of the dumpster... he came home with it- all his own idea, no nagging wife asking him to get it (but honey, we NEED a new office chair *eyelash batting*). Anyone have any good tutorial links to share on upholstering not only a chair (yes, I do have a staple gun and upholstery tacks), but an OFFICE chair in which staples cannot be used? I found these links so far, but I need visuals! Repair Home, The Cut Cloth (GREAT tutorial).

black chandelier gothic victorian shabby chic

Oh, and look what I found (didn't buy) on Craigslist the other day. I can't put it up since I am an apt dweller... but who would of thought an all black crystal chandy could look so charming? Wouldn't it look darling in this lovely green and black alligator room?

green black alligator decor interior room design

Now, for the purging part of my post.

I found the IKEA mammut table at a garage sale about 2 weeks ago for a STEAL. It looked quite adorable (and totally functional) as a coffee table in my living room. It lasted a couple of days until my toddler totally broke one whole leg clean off! So what do I do... That leg isn't going back in... too far shredded. Do I find a roundish table at Goodwill and glue the top down to the base? Do I mount it to the boys wall as some sort of modern design?

ikea mammut blue toddler children table

Also,. living in a cramped apartment with 4 people and a dog can be a challange at times. When you have to twist your body and do backbends and have ninja-like agility just to walk down the hallway or enter into your pantry... you know it is time to purge some serious stuff. But I donate to Goodwill ON A REGULAR BASIS. Whenever I take something home, I get rid of something. I have totally organized and purged the kids room of clothes/toys... but how do I make the kitchen/pantry work/living areas? (The shelf we DO have in the pantry needs to be removed b/c it's blocking the water valve and such... warned by firemen to clear it out!) I think I need someone who isn't attached to MY STUFF to come in and clear it out. Aye, this may take a while to figure out, but I will try and take photos of the process.


Little Dickens Designs said...

If it makes you feel better I have a hard time purging stuff too. But great finds you have there!

Kellie ~ Ada and Darcy said...

I would love to see your chair!! I never seem to have that kind of luck (or perhaps the eye) !!

Amanda.Sedeno said...

oohh i wanta see the chair too!! I have a hard time getting rid of stuff. BUT.. when I do.. Salvation Army comes and picks them up for me. Its easier then having to Drive to goodwill or cca..

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