Monday, June 15, 2009

Granbury: A Shabby Weekend

granbury town square court house

By shabby, I mean, shabby good and shabby bad.

blue white victorian home

We went to Granbury, the home of a tiny historic down square, bed and breakfasts galore, a theatre stage and opera house, antiquing and homemade fudge and salsa, a drive in theatre, we even went to Granbury on our honey moon. But, so much has changed in the past 6 years. Half of the wonderful shops are gone. My favorite, The Glass Knob, is now Babe's Chicken. Every window used to have a gorgeous display, only a few remain.

granbury window shabby cottage store display

The other half of the stores sell turquoise chunk jewelry and imported handbags, tourist bobbles mixed in with the shabby chic and antique treasures in the back. What happened to this quaint romantic square untouched by mass produced junk? (CUTE mass produced junk, but mass produced, none-the-less).

Only about 4 stores remained true to the roots. The quilt shop where we got our honey moon quilt was still there.

Lots of candy for the pickens, and the chitlens.

Even though I don't sew, I love fabric and I love patterns and I love wishing I could sew.

Though it was about 100 degrees, my husband trudged along happily because we found some amazing homegrown salsa (D.L. Jardine's Cilantro Green Olive). He goes to craft fairs and antique malls just for the pleasure of finding his homemade salsa.

granbury, drive in, brazos

Later we went to The Brazo's Drive In (which is FOR SALE) to see Star Trek (awesome) and Night at the Mueseum 2 (awful). The website said gates open at 7pm. So we are in line when a massive thunderstorm starts rolling in. B/c we have connections, we were able to stay up to date on the weather and we high tailed it out of there. We drove several miles on empty country road till we found a safe pocket and hunkered down for the storm to hit. We did this about three times, trying to outrun the storm. At one point, the sky turned green and we saw cloudy rotations. We talked about how I would grab Caleb and David would grab Isaac and we would lay in a muddy impression of the ground as flat as possible on top of our boys should a tornado hit.

We did this for a couple of hours (honestly we felt like gung-ho storm chasers, especially my mom) and sat tight as the practically torrential rains rolled over us in thunderous, black waves. About 2 hours later, the rains stopped an we drove back to the Drive-In.

ice, hail, precipitation

It was a good thing we left, since the field was spotted with quite damaging chunks of hail! The storm took out the drive in sound system, so the movies didn't start till almost midnight. The movie started and it was good, but the boys were out by this time. Thanks to the boredom of passing the time (and some crushed melatonin tablets we fed them by small degrees).

Aye... we were a tired bunch of souls on our drive back home, I constantly feel asleep and jolted myself awake to keep talking to David so he would remain awake as well. Though we wished we had left after Star Trek and not stayed for the second movie, it was still a fun and memorable experience. So, what did you do this weekend?


Pattie said...

That home grown salsa sounds good :)

I'm a salsa addict lol

boatbaby said...

I too can't sew and have a fabric fetish despite my lack of skills. I long to learn how to sew and magically do it well.

LillyShayStyle said...

What a time you had!
We also had a storm! It was a tornado warning .. My hubby called me and told me to get to his mothers house for cover.
So I packed up the kids and left.
There was no tornado, just a huge storm, I got some nice photos to post in the next few days as well!

I'm glad you didn't have to hide in the mud!

Andrea said...

guess what?!?! we were in glen rose this weekend too!! we could have met up! how are you guys? we need to get together soon!

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