Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Let Us Be Men

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I just read the story of Carol Decker for the first time today. You can read updates at their blog.

Almost one year ago today, Carol had an emergency ceasarian section to deliver her second baby, Safiya. Due to severe complications from hypertension from septic pneumonia, arteries to both her legs, one arm and her eyes blocked her circulation that forced amputations. Carol had both her leg's below the knees amputated, her left arm below the elbow amputated, her right ring finger amputated; and is now blind. All of that is due to ischemia from vasopressive drugs used to keep her blood pressure high enough to survive.

Carol now struggles with multiple surgeries, prosthetics complications, blindness, pain, learning to move again and being a young mother to two young little girls. She has a supportive husband who blogs about their progress, helps her function and even does her make-up. Now the Deckers are faced with medical expenses over the 2 million dollar mark and any help or words of love is always appreciated. Please see the this video from KOMO news, it is an amazing story.

I hope we all today, can be a little more thankful for what we do have in this world. That we can share a little bit of hope, prayer and service to those in need.

Carol's story and her supportive husband reminded me of this video about being a "real man". Elder D. Todd Christofferson, shares a touching personal experience and exhorts men to live by the attributes of true, Christlike manhood in this segment entitled "Let Us Be Men".

I hope you find yourselves uplifted today.


vivian said...

wow what a horrible situation! I cant even begin to imagine how one would deal with such tragedy! I pray I never find out.

José said...


A couple of days ago I saw in the news about an 8 year old girl who due to a rare disease has spent 7 years of her life inside a hospital.
She was abandoned by these "things" when she was 1 year old.
Although Carol's situation is far from being an enviable one, she's so luck to have a great MAN beside her.
It would be nice if they could see at least a the most part of their medical expenses forgiven.
They need it more than "certain" banks.

Best regards,


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