Tuesday, June 2, 2009

New Moon Trailer/ Pretty Black, Red and White Rooms


My little ones have been whiny as all get out for the last several days, poor little upset stomaches, but I have been trying not to pull my hair out from frustration!

white shabby chic urban grunge room

So, when I saw these little black, red and white rooms (so Twilight appropriate), and the OFFICIAL New Moon trailer and the Volterra scene stills in video form... it made me forget my troubles for a couple of mouth watering moments. What a way to mix my loves, decor and Twilight.


red enamel vintage ornate mirror
Red Mirror Elle

Set Design Thinking

twilight red new moon copper jewelry inspired jewel prism vintage style
Jeweled Ambrosia Copper Red Prism Twilight Necklace

ps... I have tons of new Twilight jewelry, and am adding more daily, so don't forget to check it out HERE!!!

red white striped chair decor room interior
Brian McCarty Elle

red desk chair white room interior decore
Cozy Desk Elle

Modern Red Black and White

red white shabby country urban home interior
Charming and inviting red and white home

Red and White Country

red black beige asain oriental room interior decor
Oriental Influence


Amanda.Sedeno said...

Oh how i love the mirrors and red chairs.. and of course TWILIGHT!! Im soo excited for the new movie to come out! I read the whole series in 5days.. in LOVE!

~Mrs. Guru~ said...

Love all the rooms!

Meekiyu said...

I wish I had some of those rooms. The scarlet red adds so much to the rooms. =D

Anne said...

AAAAHHHHAAA! I cannot wait for New Moon to come out! That photo montage gave me chills! I know I"m a total nerd!

Kellie ~ Ada and Darcy said...

I adore your first image.... I love the flowers and the striped canopy!

Liz said...

I adore these rooms, it's one of my favorite color combos. And I nearly passed out when I saw the trailer. Sigh. :)

Michelle said...

OH My!!! I love my husband but can't I have Edward too? He is Beautiful!!!

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