Saturday, March 30, 2013

Easy DIY Spring Easter Egg Wreath Tutorial

I have had this wintery wreath on my door since well, winter. I figured, I had better update it, but didn't have the time.  First, I tucked the berries and pinecones behind the wreath. I grabbed this egg garland I already had and tied it onto the wreath with twine and craft pearls to tame the pine needles back, and then I tucked some fake flowers in there. I think it turned out really cute! It took less than 10 minutes, required absolutely zero sewing or gluing, and I can take it apart in minutes if I want to reuse the materials again.

Recycling holiday crafts and supplies is the best!

You can also take a figurine, like my adorable little bunny here, and glue or wire it down. So, Easter is tomorrow... you have *plenty* of time to do something like this!

Also, tonight we will be planting a magical Easter jellybean garden, along with many other pinterest inspired families. In the morning, lollipops or peeps should arise in their place... hopefully these beans work!


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Meghan said...

That wreath is absolutely gorgeous!

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