Tuesday, March 12, 2013

February Madness

It's been since Valentine's Day that I have blogged! Don't get me wrong, I have TRIED. But blogger keeps blocking my access and freezing up during my posts, then deleting them!! Grrrrrr. So, what have I been up too aside from cursing this computer? Millions of things, life has been a whirlwind! But here is the lowdown, because it is so important, of course.
I have been so dang busy, that I bought Valentines from the store (instead of hand making them) and my little guy and I worked on them together. Funny thing is, when I asked my boys what they wanted me to get, they told me I knew best. *yesss!* Wonder how long that will last? So, Star Wars for the boys and Cinderella for the girls it was.
Note, all of the laundry piles, and mega kitchen clean up going on back there. Neglecting duties due to being crazy busy. At one point, we even slept on the couches because of the piles of nearly folded laundry on the bed.

Been busy mugging on this little bit for a while. She is *this close* to walking, just turned 10 months. She absolutely loves hanging upside down, growing out of her clothes and eating. Her one, bottom tooth, blonde fauxhawk and rosy cheeks are adorable.

Been busy doing face painting and working (and playing) at the salon and other events. It's usually the prepwork (like that gingerbread house there) that destroys the house and my sleep cycle!
We finally pulled out this alien head kit. The boys had fun making it and painting it. The hubs and I painted the details in at the end. 
 Caleb being a most excellent model.
I have been failing at the homework department, so Isaac had to help me remember to sign it :) So... what all have you been up to?
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