Sunday, May 1, 2011

Personal Style: Elegant Wench

Another odd shirt tuck rescue. I adore the cut and ruching on this top, though when untucked it looks like a poofy maternity shirt. So, I took my favorite assymentrical, raw edged jersey skirt and high waisted it. I always thought I was too short (at 4'11") for this, but now, I have to say, this is one of my favorite and most comfortable dress styles now. Even though it looks a bit pirate wench like, I love it.

 I kept accessories minimal, just my handmade metal roses earrings, black belt, and my favorite red lipstick.

Concerning my legs. As my sister would say, "I'm not pale, I'm angelic." Really, I used to be obsessed with tanning. But now, even though I love a little glow, I am just fine with my pasty white self. In some countries in a much different era, the milky complexion was considered a mark of royalty, as only the laborers were tan from hard work in the sun.

 I did a sort of a side chignon... a loose bun. I just put my hair in a low side ponytail, pulled at the crown for some height. I took about 4 sections of hair, and wrapped each one up and secured with a bobby pin. Probably used about 5 pins total. Similar to the cinnamon bun tutorial.

 shirt: thrifted/ skirt: thrifted/ belt: ny &company/ shoes: steve madden/ earrings: me (jeweled ambrosia)

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Erica said...

I love all the lines in this outfit! The ruched shirt and asymmetrical skirt looked fantastic together!

North Meets South

Anonymous said...

Wow, you are totally rocking this at 4'11!! You pull it off so well! I'm only 5'0 too so I tend to shy away from longer hemlines too.

Lidi @ Eclectic Flair

Melissa: Write it in Lipstick said...

love the high waisted skirt and the red lips so cute your hair is amazing too

alltumbledown said...

What a beautiful chignon! I am also a fan of high-waisting for height, and this is a great use of the look.

Carrie said...

Great skirt! And love your lip colour!
Style in the City

Jessie said...

You look great!!! I am only 4' 9" and also VERY Pale! I don't care what people think about my pale skin. I'm not into the whole "tanning" thing. It just makes you age faster.

Mackensie Perry said...

my my my! first i saw your skirt and thought "what a pretty skirt!" then i saw your earrings and thought "i want those earrigns!" and then i saw your hair and thought "my goodness! she has such a pretty updo! i wish i could make mine like that!" alas, i seem to always fail at pretty buns and such, so i think i'll stick to keeping my hair down XD
lovely blog!

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