Sunday, May 22, 2011

Inspired Touches: Sunny Color

vintage glass bottles display pompom flowers (flower tutorial here), via ellemania; and lili diallo’s brooklyn loft in details (shot by annie schlecter); and emma lamb’s forever flower garland.

My home still feels so dark right now. I know with the dark paint and brick, I have to deal with it since it's  rental, but maybe I can do a few touches like these to bring some airy light back in here.  I love, love, love the aqua painted brick above. Oh, I can't wait to own my home someday, the damage Ima gonna do!

leah duncan’s sweet tea towel;  diy mason jar pendant lights via boots n gus tutorial via secret pocket.

dottie angel blog, shop

tumblr (anyone know the actual source?)


Heather said...

WOW! I love all of these lovely sunny finds! thank you SO much for sharing! just the inspiration to bring some sun into my home, with is waaaay too dark too!

-Heather from

Allison Shallenberger said...

It is not a bad idea to make your space lively and bright, especially if it is for your benefit. Well, these ideas would definitely make every space sparkling! A variety of colors and lights would add the much needed brightness to your space. [Allison Shallenberger]

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