Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Oh, Little Raincloud

fine little day via sfgirlbybay

Tornado seasons this year have been truly horrendous. And knowing we will be vacationing back in our hometown amidst all the storms, and perchance driving through them isn't unsettling... at all. But one thing I love about Texas weathers, is it's terrifying storms. I remember watching a lightening storm as a little girl from our window. When we went outside later, a plastic plate we had left out there had a burn hole right through the center of it from a lighting hit.  I've lived in Tornado alley all my life, and lived through a Hawaii hurricane as an infant, so I have spent many a night curled in a bathtub with my 72 hour kit and family squeezed together under a mattress. Oh, the days.

So, here's to the lighter side of the storm spectrum... the lovely clouds and cloudy creations of these fine folks.

cloud concrete necklace DrCraze

embroidery hoop cloud, the purlbee via everkelly

   cloudy bed by motley  

cloud marker decals tutorial by lifeflix
 cloud deluge by gollybard

 grateful for this day print by Vol.25 via jones design company

embroidery cloud by pilli pilli handmade

cloud necklace by block party press

kawaii cloud rain drop mobile by JAustinRyan

furry cloud rug how to tutorial by lifeflix

little raincloud appliqued shirt by nana company

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