Thursday, August 26, 2010

Ruffle Shirt Tutorial and Layering Cardigans

Sachiko, the talent of Tea Rose Home has a beautiful ruffle shirt tutorial here.  In fact, she has several different ruffle shirt tutorials, and many other tutorials on making wonderful things as well. They are much more sophisticated than my layered lace shirt tutorial. All are beautiful but this one with the horizontal ruffles, and the demure fabric roses is my favorite.

Maybe it's my favorite because how soft it looks, or the calm, grain color, or even how it is paired with this cardigan in the perfect shade of robin's egg blue. Do visit here to see the step by step instructions (with clear photos) on making this shirt. Then, find a nice, light, cardigan you can layer over it. How about one of these?



Kristina P. said...

This is my kind of outfit. I wear cardigans probably 6 days a week. And I love ruffles. Since I have no artistic talent, I just help support J. Crew. :)

Gaia said...

Great job! this shirt is something adorable! This is my daily outfit!
little dress with vintage or old style cardigan! I love them!

have a fab day!

Kelly at I Dream of Decor said...

wish I could sew because that shirt is beautiful! love the cardi she paired it with too!

vivian said...

always something interesting to see on your blog! thanks for sharing.
and.. have a great week

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