Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Inspired Rooms~ Kids Playrooms

The project of the week (besides getting our shower ripped out due to rotting walls), is the boys playroom. Our breakfast nook is so huge, we decided that it would be a little preschool/playroom. I'll work reeeally hard on it today and then show you tomorrow what it needs, because I have some ideas that I need help with! Anyways, here are my two project questions below, and some more inspirational kids rooms that I will be using as a spring board, trying to save as much money as possible here.

1. This perfect blue world map tapestry would look perfect in here, but it's a little on the pricey side, so this scenic forest scene is super cute, and less expensive. Which would I use longer in my home? Price or beauty!?

2.  The other thing I am trying to consider, is a foam playmat. Color in tan or charcoal gray ,or mixed colors? Or do I skip that and get a simple area rug? Or go with this awesome natural hardwook floor look foam playmat (though we wouldn't be able to afford the end pieces, so the ends would be the jaggedy puzzle look).

So, that's the end of my questions for now. So far, the colors are on the aqua, deep blue, yellow, and lime.

 land of nod


hgtv via exquisite design

nursery~ alphabet~ wall letters


Screwed Up Texan said...

The treehouse bed is way too cool. I personally love IKEA for great kids' rooms ideas.

Michelle said...

wow they are just fab - wish I had seen them before doing my spare room for friends visiting with kids. I was really pleased with it but it's so dull in comparison to these lovely images x

boatbaby said...

Love the atlas tapestry and the treehouse room just rocks! Plus that all white room on the bottom - gorgeous!

Meekiyu said...

oo they're all beautiful... can't wait to see what your creativeness comes up with. I really like the simple one with the box shelves... it's simple and so useful to put stuff in =D

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