Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Decorating with Flowers

Well, we are moved and mostly settled...it's amazing how much one can accomplish with no internet for over a week! This rental home needs a lot of work, and we spent about 15 hours or so scrubbing the kitchen alone (in terrible heat without any electricity) before we felt comfortable enough putting food or dishes in the cabinets, and a lot of the appliances don't work.. and the bathrooms need work, (one we don't even go in)... but what can I say, it has a spare room for my crafts and it's our first backyard ever, so the boys love that, though we do miss family dearly.

So, this post will be kept short and sweet. I came across this clever flower arranging idea on Country Living. It's so simple, and easy to arrange. I love the idea of categorizing and keeping the flowers loosely arranged as well.

"A bunch of vintage milk bottles gives this arrangement—featured in Decorating with Flowers—its structure. Simply line up nine same-size vessels in three rows of three. Then wrap gardener's twine around the grouping twice and tie the ends. Finish the blooming display by placing two to three stems in each container."

 Our home also has a few rose bushes in front that need some serious work... so I thought this pressed flower idea would be neat to try with the very first roses that greeted us when we arrived. Also, we were given a handpicked widflower bouquet as a greeting to the area, so maybe I can press those, they are so lovely.

In any case, the whole flower segment is beautiful, I especially love the doily vase and the picture vase ideas.

 "Tightly wrap a doily around a vase. Snip away any excess, then hand-stitch the doily securely in place to create a snug fit. A clear glass vase creates an elegant illusion, but experiment with different vases and doilies to find a combination you like"


Kristina P. said...

Glad you got in! These are such fun ideas.

Moodswings said...

heheh stay away from the internet until youve done all your scrubbing! you'll get it done much quicker! gd luck! xxx

vivian said...

Hi sweet lisa, glad youre all moved. A little elbow grease and a few sweet little decorations and your new house will surely become your home! be sure to show us pics when you get settled!

ApachesPrincess said...

Beautiful ideas! I especially love the first one!

Jessica said...

I love the old milk bottle idea! I bought several milk bottles at a second hand shop the other day. I had no clue what I was going to use them for...until now!



Jessie said...

Good to hear you have a home again! :) Hopefully your life settles down now. Can't wait to see you start decorating it. I have never been a fan of decorating with flowers till recently. Love the milk bottle idea.

meyerprints said...


TanyaMac said...

Ooh such clever idea's!!! Thanks for sharing! ;)*

CarmelSantos said...

Extremely something special and worthy of note. Hope to see more of your interest. I love roses like no other as it brights the night and feel the room with smells that profound the love and aroma.

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