Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Modern Glamour in Black and White


The good thing about moving is packing. Not that it is fun, or uneventful, but it does allow you to see your space without all of the "stuff", so you can see the possibilities without all of those things that you are so artificially tied to. Moving into a new place, also gives one the opportunity to nest a bit. Different layouts, different windows, different flooring, can either stress you out, or give you a chance to be creative without spending too much.

So, I ordered my white Pottery Barn slipcovers (mine are white and no longer on pottery barn, I got them on ebay for way less, so I linked to the 'natural' color). As a brave soul ordering white with 2 toddler boys, I decided I will try it and bleach those babies if I need to. Especially after reading Holly's advice in living with an all white home in her Life in the Fun Lane blog. She has some great slipcover advice here and here. And This Stylish House has great advice as well.

With all of this white, I am thinking charcoal gray and black for the next place. So, when I came upon this home featured in Domino, of J.Crew's creative director, Jenna Lyons, it made me realize that a dark and elegant place with touches of stark white, can still have warmth and uniqueness.








Megan Gery said...

I love the concept and that home is beautiful, but sadly my house doesn't get enough light for such dark tones. it'd be like living in a cave...

Little Lovables said...

that's a great point, a lot of natural light is needed for this I think. I also noticed that most of the ceiling are painted a shiny white, and the nursery is the cheerful yellow and white striped.

That probably helps with the cave effect.

bodoba said...

The concept seems to work really well with the warm wood floors. Hope you have some awesome flooring in your new house!

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