Monday, November 16, 2009

Subtle Sunshine


To me, yellow is one of those colors that is best paired with neutrals. It looks smashing with aqua and regal with purple, but overall, I much prefer it with creamy shades of white, chocolates and my all time favorite, gray. Of course, some can only handle yellow  in small doses (such as myself).

brooke giannetti
country living

 It is an excellent color for spring or summer, but in those dreary fall and winter months, there is no better color to infuse a bit of warmth and cheer in your home. It is also an excellent gender neutral color. It softens a masculine overly dark room and minimizes too much girlishness in a home. (Well some rooms like Betsey Johnson's Pink Apartment cannot be manned up no matter how much yellow you put in there! (still love the room though!...)

kips bay decorator showhouse
katie stassi domino
ilse crawford
house to home
dwell shop

I do feel that some of these rooms would give me a headache after all, but many are so wonderful I may just use some for inspiration of my own. one more thing for, yellow paint... ALWAYS use several test swatches first to find that nice and serene shade... I cannot tell you how many paint nightmares I have had choosing the way wrong color yellow for a wall that screams the sun just threw up a horrid shade of neon.


world of interiors
victoria hagan
viceroy hotel photog grey crawford

ekb interiors

There are plenty more yellow interior loveliness over at Patrica Gray Interiors!


vivian said...

that was interesting. I liked a lot of those, and yellow is not a color you will see in my home much. Im looking around right now and I see only an outfit on a tiny little doll in yellow!
I'm going to keep my eyes open for yellow today!
happy tuesday!

Tali Schiffer said...

I love yellow too! I can take it in large dosage as long as it's a bit darker and more towards the orange shades. I love it in little accent items, and I love it splashed all over a wall. Yellow is just that color that warms your heart and brings a smile to your face :)

Little Lovables said...

Warm and sunny yellow look best spring/fall while the mustard and pumpkin spice tinged hues work well in fall/winter (imo of course!)

Sandy C said...

i love this color combo! we're remodeling our basement right now so this was a great inspirational post!

LukaMish said...

beautiful selection, i am loving grey and yellow at the moment!

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