Monday, November 2, 2009

Throwin a Party

I am so happy Halloween is over! Of course, the struggle of toddlers demanding copious amount of candy throughout the course if the day is not over, but the decorating, the idea searching overload, the MESS of making my sons costumes is OVER (I will be uploading pics soon)! I'm so happy, I could throw a party! And if I did, it would be filled with balloons, and flower garlands!

Of course, since we are moving next month, all of my decorating goodies will be given to Goodwill or packed, *sad face* so it will be good for us to live simply (ha!) for a little while.

So, while we are on a new adventure of stressing out (while being super happy and feeling blessed at the same time, of course),  and the inner turmoil of not unpacking hardly any decor while we are in transition for the next year, what to get rid of... it also feels kind of nice to purge. (A theme discussed on this blog every now and then, but now I have to get serious!) Though, we have gotten rid of several pieces of furniture on Craigslist, we can't have a garage sale for the little things since we are apartment dwellers. I also found Fly Lady and UnClutterer, two sites that are inspiring for those wishing to simplify.

I will be giving boxes of craft supplies and such to goodwill. If you want it (for the cost of shipping) contact me and I'll send you a box :)  I'd love to hear your purging success stories, it would make me feel more like this is possible.


M.M.E. said...

I know exactly how you feel. I'll be moving somewhere for graduate school next summer (won't know where until the spring) so I'm trying to simplify my life and possessions as I move into an apartment with my boyfriend for the first time. I absolutely love purging though. It's so nice to have lots of open space. But then it's nice to fill that space again. :) Good luck keeping stress-free.

Karyn Bernard (French Charming) said...

LOVE your party pics, especially the first...what lovely color combinations!

Moving is so stressful but I have to tell you that for different circumstances I once "simplified" my life and left nearly everything that I spent a lifetime acquiring. I kept my family heirlooms and pictures and a few other things and you know what? I really don't miss any of it!

It actually felt good to simplify and I now know what is really necessary. I do hope someone takes you up on your goody box!

Take care and much love to you!

Liz said...

Perhaps we could just start decorating for Thanksgiving like this... it might catch on! :)

vivian said...

Where are you moving too that you are selling your furniture and getting rid of you decorating things? I just dont think I could part with my JUNK!!
I do here its good for us to purge every now and then.. and, I suppose there are things here that I could get rid of..
but nah.. not for a long time!
have a great week!

Megan Gery said...

I'm always game for craft supplies. What are you getting rid of?

Fern said...

I'm not into Halloween :) I LOVE these party photos/ideas... I want come to your party when you throw one too - anything to get a needed break from my toddler home too :) It's so demanding yet FUN :) Thanks for sharing photos - they're lovely :)

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