Friday, November 20, 2009

There's a Super Hero Kid in You

Perhaps this post is inspired by my little boys, or the fact that after watching hours of the original Astro Boy, we saw  the movie (which was an interesting mix between A.I., Lord of the Flies and Wall-E).

 So, you super heros of craft-opolis, get started on your hero logo t-shirt with Ambrosia Girl's nifty screen printing tutorial and visit her (non hero specific) superhero party ideas!

Create a coat rack wall using salvaged drawer fronts to hang those super hero capes. (or use wood planks and interesting knobs if you don't feel like leaving a beat up old dresser nekkid)

Immerse yourself in Monster Gallery's grunge pop robotic hero Japan-esque pop art prints

Then, enjoy a slice of robotic cake love with a Threadless design Threadcakes cutie. (okay, so he's not technically a 'superhero' but a sweet little introverted robot... but Astro boy was robot and superhero, so robot's are okay, plus he's cute and the colors match, so why not include the little guy!?


Patrizia said...

Great post! I love the drawr/hanger idea!

Emmy said...

What a great idea for the drawers! I just might have to do that sometime.
Did you make that cake? So cute!

powerkat said...

(i can't get my gmail to work to email you for some reason?) anyway, i just wanted to tell you, i've been searching for a japanese themed cake for my son's birthday, and i finally thought, oh! robots are japanese, and he's always liked robots! so i googled japanese robot cake and found your cake, and it melted My heart! i'm home alone at the moment, and i actually let out an audible little gasp, followed by an awww! it's quite possibly the sweetest cake i have ever seen, and you have No idea how perfect it is! (i've always signed anything i've ever written for him, since he was a newborn, with a tiny heart! and he has a silver robot lamp in his room, it's pretty tall, about 20 inches, and when you turn off the lights, and turn on the robot, his little heart glows!
thank you so much for making it, or posting it, or whatever you had to do with it! it's Perfect!!

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