Saturday, August 15, 2009

Have a Restful Weekend

the art of sleeping in- southern hospitality article here

Our weekend will be busier than I typically like. Though, it is welcome after quite a long and {seemingly} never ending week. Here's to hoping you have a blissful weekend of peace.

photo- martin isaac

photo- el daverino

photo- KriKo

our little one

a hopeful momemt


Chantel Monet said...

It's so hard to have a restful weekend when I'm inspired and it's my only time to create! I absolutely love your photographs. You are quite talented, miss!

bodoba said...

I have to admit that I take a LOT of pictures of my daughter sleeping cause I think she's soo cute when she does. I'm sure noone else views the pictures the way I do but that's the benefits of being a mom I guess.

Little Lovables said...

not weird at all to take pics of sleeping children, we do it all the time here :)

in fact, on my search to find good sleeping images, I found a lot of really amazing pic, one was sleeping under a bicycle and another was a dock worker sleeping with a 3 foot long fish!

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