Friday, August 21, 2009

Parasol Magazine

The wonderful Yasmine of A Print a Day has outdone herself with another online magazine. Past issues of her amazing mags are here. This issue's theme is Fairy Tales & Mist, based in tea-stained cream, reds and navy blues with polka dots, roses and gingham. (ps, my shop, Jeweled Ambrosia has a little 3 page interview with photos too, so check it out!) Yasmine describes it best:

"I'm super pleased to announce the debut of Parasol•Craft! It's an online/pdf magazine dedicated to Handmade, Inspiration and lots of Downloads. It's a spin-off of Parasol Magazine in that Craft is the primary focus and the objective is to promote and inspire creativity."

The magazine is 111 pages and includes the following:
Featured crafters, artists and photographers
Desktop Design Tutorial: Make an Illustrator Brush--with downloadable vector files to practice on
Make Your Own Snow White & Rose Red Dolls--with tutorial and downloadable templates
Digital/Hybrid Scrapbook Kit:
3 12"x12" papers
2 Note pads
1 Scalloped journaling block
1 Fancy roses journaling block
1 Framed journaling block
1 Rose icon
2 Heart ribbons
2 Fancy borders
4 Sets of Embroidery Templates
And other features and resources!

There is also a GIVEAWAY! To make the dolls in the tutorial, you will need some these components:
12 Heat transfer papers
1 Yard of red grosgrain ribbon
1 Yard of cream grosgrain ribbon
1 Yard of cream fabric
15 Patterned tags to match

Download all 111 pages + all files mentioned above for only $2.50 (what a steal for all the work she has put into this) You can purchase it right HERE! Be sure to leave your email address in the checkout so she can email you the mag within 24 hours of payment."

I'd love to hear your thoughts on this issue, I can't wait to see the next one!


Jill said...

Looks delightful!!!
Thanks for sharing!

Michelle said...

Hi Lisa,
I am excited for the swap! Tell me what kind of Halloween decorations you like and the colors you prefer.
Your jewelry is just beautiful! Please email me and we can chat.

Chrisy said...

These mags look fantastic! Thanks for sharing...heading over to check them out now...

a print a day said...

aw :) a pleasure interviewing you of course.

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