Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Special Touches

(mr. lovables took this photo!)

Well, my birthday was, interesting. One very hectic but overall pleasant day... boys (and dog) full of energy and a very tired mommy, but the hubs brought me flowers and a cheesecake, and my mom brought me a strawberry bannana jello-y pie and I read lots and lots of Eragon book 3 (Brisinger) and all was well.

And Oh, my camera, is totally fading. I like to thank my mini photog 3 year old for that. But fortunatly we got a warranty, so I will try and go tomorrow and get that baby replaced. Half the photos are great, the other half are like what I see every morning until I put my contacts in. :(

The Nester has called for those who have, or desire to have these LOVELY feather and egg prints by L. Hebert designs, and is having a linky party. Those who have the prints, are showing where they have been displayed and those who WANT the prints (totally me) are showing where we would display them IF we had them!!

Well, see that weird random wall cave above the couch. I would put the prints in a pretty little row just there, possibly with a feather adorned ribbon behind them in a lovely matted frame, ooo maybe with a mushroom bird perched on the end? You see, I added decorative items on the shelf for this photo, but in reality, nothing can go there unless it is mounted to the wall, as they will be eaten by my 2 toddlers (note, photo taken AFTER they had been put to bed!)

Here you can see a bit of the remodel I have going on... I got some gorgeous ebay vintage pillow slipcovers today... crewel embroidery on my Surefit slipcovered couches (I saved money by getting them on overstock and ebay)! The orange and white fabric thing ornamenting the back of the couch won't really go there, it is a pillow slipcover that needs stuffing! You can see my room inspiration of sfgirlbybay's mellow yellow post.

I'm on the lookout for some damask or harlequin print, round tufted pillows and affordable redwork, anyone know a source? I am a little bummed that I got outbid on a Pottery Barn Flokati rug... but it was for the best, methinks.

PS... how do you like my new headband idea? ;) watch for them in my shop soon...

flapper fashion headband

vintage pearl bow headband

fashion pearl silver ribbon headband

ps, I used to *really* dislike my profile, but now I like to think as my large sloping nose and forehead as "exotic" ;)

I found this site today, Wimp, and happened upon sweet little 93 year old Clara Cannucciari. She is teaching potato egg drop soup, a Great Depression meal! She's a sweetie, and that soup looks good! I love what she says at the end "when you are done making the soup, you sit down... because your tired [giggle, sigh]."

Also, for Earth Day, we watched Jean-Michel Cousteau's Call of the Killer Whale. We learned that farmed fishing is totally evil and that children today have many many toxins radiating throughout their bodies due to flame retardant chemicals on clothing and diapers and such. It was actually, an amazing episode and just another reminder that we need to love the Earth and take care of it. Bamboo fiber, reclaimed vintage, organic cotton, baking soda and lemon, only flushing when you go number 2... here we come!


Laryssa Herbert said...

Thanks for joining the party and the giveaway! I'm glad you like my artwork. :-)

The Nester said...

I'll trade you noses.

Yes, they would look unbelieveable above your sofa!

Laryssa doesn't know it but I'm gonna make her pick the winner! Blame her if you don't win!

Meekiyu said...

That's a lot for one day. First is Happy birthday and hmmm cake. One does wonder about the Earth and some of the things people do. And of course Mmm soup... that's the second mention of soup today. Now I really want to go get some soup! =O

LENORENEVERMORE said... look beautiful front or side darling! Happy belated B'day...May God continue to bless you! ~XO*

cabin + cub said...

Happy belated birthday!
Love the headband btw!

~Mrs. Guru~ said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! Love yours!

Carolyne said...

Your headband design is so sweet!

snippetgirl said...

Hey Lisa!
Your jewelry is truly lovely...i adore the floral and compass rings...very clever! Thanks for hopping by my blog. It is great to "meet" you!
Take care xoxo,
Carrie the SnipPet Girl

Little Lovables said...

thanks all for the compliments and birthday wishes!!

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