Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Mermaid Fairy Princess feasts on Scones

I made Scones. And a butterfly princess mermaid, but that later. I, a woman who cannot bake for anything made scones. As you can tell by my photos... I did scorch the tops just a teeny tiny bit when I broiled them for the sugar glaze part, but it was my VERY first time to use the broiler... .and I will be 28 in a week, so I can cope.

Really though, what I am saying is, if I can do it... then ANYONE can! It was fast, easy, sticky, gooey, and YUMMY! We are craving them. I used the Raspberry and Chocolate Chip recipe, but I used Blackberries instead of the raspberries (please use Blackberries!) Best decision I ever made. Besides getting baptized, and married and having kids and starting my jewelry biz, and my blog... Joy of Baking is practically the official king of scones in the world, imo.

Oh, I also am doing the lovely Gypsy Mermaid's Pink and Green Swap. I have decoupaged a lot before, but I don't have any fancy programs and don't know a THING about resizing photos so that they will match up. SOOO I did it in Microsoft PowerPoint (that computer lit class in college WAS good for something!)

I basically just got a blank page, and inserted pictures. I was able to resize the photos and layer them on top of each other so I knew that when I cut the wings and such out, it would be the same size as the girl and such. So, that is how I did it and how I will continue to do it until I find a better way.

How do you like my box with all of the goodies? I hope my swap partner likes it! When my 3 yr old saw it, he exclaimed, "A Mermaid!" "A Butterfly" "A Princess!" "A Mommy!" Yes, he is my little Superhero sweetie!

The adorable little girl is from Spark Your Imagination, the wings from Adaae on Deviant Art and the tail/tiara I used a stock photo of sequins fabric on sale. I made sure all of them are able to use of course! I literally spent HOURS looking for excellent images, here is what I found! On flickr, Finsbry has tons and tons of images of vintage books, epherma posters... Trials and Errors has tons of photos of the Depression, child labor, Ziegfeld follies (some nudes, BEWARE- put your safe settings on!)...

The Enchanted Lady has AMAZING paper doll templates (including wings and a mermaid tail, and lovely project ideas!) And Liana, of Liana's Paper Dolls, draws paper dolls and amazing outfits that you can use as well! These are perfect for beginner or experienced decoupagers/altered artist/crafty types. Have fun! And be sure to credit those images/get permission if you need to before using!

P.S... I am considering hosting a crafty swap now. Would anyone be interested? If so, what would you be interested in creating/receiving?


Sycamore Moon Studios said...

I just love you blog. Today's was especially dear.

Anonymous said...

you did a beautiful job. I don't think I've ever tried anything like that. You might be able to sway me into a swap.

Aisha said...

I love the idea of a swap, though I am blank on the ideas right now! let me know when you set something up :)

Catherine@Simply Natural said...

Hi Lisa
My son and my mum made scones on the weekend - they turned out well, but I've never actually made them myself! Yours look delicious.
Thanks for stopping by my blog.
Best wishes

Joy at Cupids Charm said...

Hi Lisa! I just wanted to stop by and say THANK YOU for coming to visit my blog during my "Celebrating Marie Antoinette" event. I appreciated your comments and it's so nice to meet others who are also interested in our dear Antoinette! Have a beautiful day ~ xo Joy

Jeanne said...

Your mermaid is adorable and those scones look SO delicious!

TheresainMS said...

Love this butterfly princess mermaid and those scones look incredible! I've never eaten scones but you've got me craving them now :-) Stumbled across your blog post while looking for paper doll templates to use in crafty ways. I could get lost in here reading everything and looking at all the great photos. Thanks for sharing!!!

Tonya Steele said...

Love the mermaids! Very cute. I have these and print them on fabric blocks.

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