Monday, April 27, 2009

Feed Your Soul [through free art]

Indie Fixx has a new little feed your soul art collective. She explains it all HERE and you can download your free (personal use only) art HERE. If you are an artist, you can contribute and if not, you can spread the word! Here's a sampling:

tree, illustrator, belleandboo, boy, love, romance, children

yarn, knitting, art, woodland, inspirational

chair, birdcage, art, illustrator, fancy, cottage

There are some seriously gorgeous works here from some of my favorite artists... I intend to get a whole slew of them and hang them on my new "art gallery wall". Don't worry, my little folks, I will update with pics soon enough. I gotta get some frames and such first!

For all of you that like vintage epherma, labels, gypsies, cards, children, babies, angels, mermaids, beauties, holidays, Marie, cherubs, horses, Strawberry Shortcake and more... then check out Suzee Que's free to use (personal) flickr stream!! Here's a sampling:

ballerina, tutu, gothic, victorian, flapper, ziegfeld, girl, model, fashion, image

speed, horse, vintage, epherma, ad

At Vintage Printable, you will find hundreds of vintage prints, namely from vintage books of science, medical, animals, nature, mustaches, wigs, fantasy and mythological, poster art, political, gnomes, steampunk... Here's a sampling:

The Virgins Whistler

bird eggs vintage book

humor, high society, poking your nose into others business
i love this one

design antique vintage library reading chair steampunk

For lovers of antique maps and sea charts, you MUST visit Helminks. They are dealers of the real genuine article not reproductions or scans, but the high quality images of them are breathtaking! Here is a sampling:

antique map of holland
Antique map of Holland

Anemographica map by Lotter
Antique Anemographica map by Lotter

Antique Map of West Africa by Linschoten
Antique Map of West Africa by Linschoten


The Empty Envelope said...

What wonderful resources! Thank you!

Glitzer said...

Wow interesting work!!! Nice!

Marie Reed said...

I especially love the quirky ballerina!

Stephanie Kim said...

thanks for this post! im definitely visiting your blgo again !

Megan {ShabbyBlogs} said...

Oh, I love Feed Your Soul! ...And I love your blog! You've given me all sorts of inspiration! I'll be baaaaack. :)

(Oh! And I will be doing more and more 3 column layouts. Don't you worry!)

Off to check out your Etsy shop...

Jeanne said...

Wow these images are terrific!

Liz said...

Wow! This is fantastic!

Amanda.Sedeno said...

Super Cute, i love the birdies, of course..... Thanks for the link for the OWl, I LOVED it!! I'll keep looking for the new jewelry!! Thanks so much!

daniella said...

I must tell you, I ADORE your blog. Your ideas are sight to sore eyes, really. Since you commented a couple of weeks back I've been checking back almost daily. I'm not much of a commenter but I do read :-). And can I just say I'm hooked to your Twilight chronicles blog? Kind of embarassing to admit it but I can't deny it. I finished the series last night and I'm dying to see all the movies now. I'll probably be an old lady by the time they come out with Breaking Dawn.

And your kiddos are so cute! You definitely don't look old enough to have that many, and I mean that as a huge compliment.

Jenn said...

Oooh, great links, thanks for sharing! :)

Amy @ Living Locurto said...

Some of my favorites. Thanks for stopping by my blog with the nice comments:-) Have a great day!

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