Tuesday, November 11, 2008

UFO and Other Oddities

Sooo, we went to hang out with our new friends this weekend, and I kid you not, we saw some UFOs.

There were 2 that were falling parallel to each other, I thought at first they were comets, but then thought maybe a plane had broken in two pieces and was falling to the Earth, it was horrifying! Then, they just kind of stopped falling, and slowly started to twist symmetrically in a downward spiral and then they stopped, and hovered for about a minute.

(ufo from Builders Studio)

Then, a third one appeared a little to the upper left and it slowly hovered back and forth. The two parallel ones disappeared and we continued to watch the new one. These were so extremely bright and huge compared to passing planes. They had little tails of light as well, it was incredible. The third UFO hovered and every time a plane came near, it totally turned it's lights off and disapeared completely. Once the plane passed, the light came back on. We watched for about 5 minutes and the UFO finally zig zagged down and disappeared. 10 seconds later, a massive military plane flew overhead in the same exact direction the UFO's were. About 2 hours later, a huge comet trailed out of the sky, slowly in the same spot we saw the UFO's earlier. We did film a little bit of it, but only the end, not the crazy parallel part, but here is a video kind of describing what we saw. Apparently, where we live, there have been several similar sightings the past couple of years. Weird, huh?

It was crazy amazing, scary and hair raising. Do I believe in aliens, as in little green men? No. Do I believe something is out there? Maybe....

We were on our way to this yummy resturaunt, Buca di Beppo, and got this wonderful $20 salad, the Apple Gorgonzola. It had cranberries, apples, sugared walnuts... it was so amazing and not too sweet that we just had to take pictures! See HERE for the yummy recipe!! They were about 30 mins late bringing our main dish, so they gave it to us and a yummy dessert for free, score!

Also, today, my teacher friend invited me to bring my jewelery to her school during lunches in the teachers lounge. It was only a few short hours and I made a little bit of money and really got to see how people responded to my jewelry and set up in person. It was a neat experiance and though I have done many craft fairs with my Little Lovables goods (my puppets always do well), I have never done one with my Jeweled Ambrosia jewelery, so it was nice practice. (ps, above craft fair set up is from Plum Vine jewelery. You can go HERE to look at other craft fair set ups of other sellers to get set up inspiration.)

In other weird news, Robert Pattinson, aka Spunk Ransom aka EDWARD CULLEN appeared at the Dallas Galleria Mall today for autograph signings. Thousands of people were there at 4 AM... and he wasn't even scheduled to appear until 6 pm! I wonder how it went, I will have to check the news or something. Funny, how I live about 45 mins away and didn't go, but mega fans drove from 4 STATES away to have a small chance of meeting him. Ladies, he is just a human ;) But, if you want some Twilight Jewelry, come visit my Jeweled Ambrosia shop!

And this pic is one of the many shots taken by my 2 year old. He likes to pose his cars lately.

Here, I am showing the curious minds where acorns come from. It was quite easy, "Up there, in the tree!" Hopefully, explaining other things will go as smoothly. You see what my little turkey muffin is doing? He loves to touch his belly button when is is learning something, sleeping, reading a book, watching a movie... pretty much he does it when is is bonding somehow. Cute little quirke.

Now look at that good daddy. Doesn't he look honorable, trustworthy, honest, hardworking, happy? Hire him already corporate world!

Oh, and for memories sake, I must show you our Halloween pics... we were a family of Scarecrows. My sister, who is now a professional clown (Pookie is available for hire people!) did balloon animals and face painting, I assisted face painting and Grandma took all 5 boys around for the trick or treating. It was a hoot and Isaac still reminds everyone he meets that he was a Scarecrow.



Rascallion said...

Nice pic for the display.
That girl looks like she is going to have a few things to say to Pookie if she gets the balloon wrong! Hope it went well!! Looks like fun.

kim* said...

the bible spaeaks of something i am not sure about what i read and heard in a biblestudy you may want to check out equip.org and can even call them....

Little Lovables said...

I know, she does look kind of upset, I think she was the last one in a long line patiently waiting her turn. She was very shy but so cute, a little princess!

Chicy-Creations said...

Crazy UFO stuff. Hey thanks for posting the link. We are doing our first craft fair next weekend and I can use all the sources I can get. Thanks!

IQXS said...

Excellent UFO report. Thank You!
You've been "Twittered" world-wide at:

Yet another UFO in TX: http://tinyurl.com/5nl6uu
Read SAHM's own report.
Keep looking up!

Lisa said...

Oh no, I have been converted to UFO believers!!

Well, we did find an amazing video of Loch-Ness/Renessmee (tee hee) NESSIE jumping out of the water... so cute :)

Anonymous said...

Lovely family!! If you need someone to revamp his resume, contact me. Once upon a time I was a corporate recruiter in Chicago, and rewrote resumes that spring-boarded many an individual. I'd be happy to help...

laurel said...

Two nights ago, I saw some bizarre moving lights in the sky, then a shooting star in the same place five minutes later... Doesn't seem to be related at all, but it's strange that we had similar experiences.

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