Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Craft Fair

Well, I put my shabby goods to use and created a fab display. I used the shutters for earrings holders. I cut cardstock in half, punched holes and stamped the back with my shop name. Then I just put them through the slats. Easy as pie.

I used white ornament hooks to hang necklaces on the wire house, and pretty white shabby trees as displays as well. I definately need to invest in more natural colored busts though for the future. My jewelry really looks much better displayed on a bust and gets kind of lost in a sea of chains and such when layed about. But hey, this was my first craft fair with jewelry so there is always a learning curve!

What I like the best was this banner I made. I used the cardboard backing that comes from cardstock packages to make each pennant. Then, I drilled holes in the sides, hotglued on ticking fabric and put pretty sage green brads to string them together. Go ahead and click on the above photo for a better look!

Then, I used a circle punch to create the letter pieces and I glued them to black paper (which I had to handcut larger circles!) I drew the letters on and stamped the middle with my little s.jane logo that she designed with me. I used lots of rhinestones, buttons, metal quotes, a rusty key and even a pearled butterfly from my wedding cale to decorate this sign! I really really wanted to outline the circles with glitter and add some lace and tassles and such, but I ran out of time. It was a bear to make, and OH so much cuter in person than what my camera captured. Here's me and my mamacita selling up a tiny storm. Ain't she cute?

I know, I know, I probably should have not stayed up until 5:30 am making this thing, and I probably should have tagged my jewelry with prices instead, but hey... it's cute, so there. Lesson learned. Now, I am off to make some more banners and garlands!!

My mom also had her tile coasters there, go and check them out in her Pretty Nifty Etsy shop, she has some cute ones and we will be listing tons more for Christmas!!

I also met cute Etsian Cindy, from Revel Designs. She had such a gorgeous display, and a cute blog! I took a picture, but seriously it is waaay better in person. It had a shabby suitcase on wooden legs, and a pretty shabby door on legs, and the sign so amazing too!

She sat next to a booth that made homemade gourmet marshmallows, called Texas Puffs. These were the best, I scored a bag of peppermint! You must try these, especially in your hot chocolate. This pic I pulled from there site, so it is Halloweeny, but at the craft fair it was really cute and Christmasy. If you are daring, here is a little recipe HERE and a tutorial HERE.

Here is your random fact: Charlie Chaplin once won 3rd place in a Charlie Chaplin look a like contest. Also, on March 1st 1978, the coffin of Charlie Chaplin was stolen from a Swiss cemetery three months after his funeral. It was found miles away, weeks later. Weird!


Amanda.Sedeno said...

It looked adorable! Loved the all white and very crafty sign! Hope you sold Lots!! P.s.. i have one of these @ home, you could possibly use them in the future!

Little Lovables said...

Oh, that is really cute!

Anonymous said...

It was so good to meet you, Lisa. You have the cutest family. Your booth looked so good. Love your style. It would be so much fun to get a bunch of those busts and decoupage them. Your mom seems to be a pro at that. Thanks for linking to me and taking a pic of my booth. I'll be checking up on your blog!

aurora said...

Your booth looked great! I hope that you had great success.
Was that at C? If so, I am sorry that I couldn't make it- I had plans to (family had strep) and I could have seen all of your lovelies in person!

Anonymous said...

What a cute booth you had set up. I'm to chicken to ever try a craft fair. :)


Little Lovables said...

Yes, it was at Central. It was way bigger than last year, so I almost didn't do it, but I just had an itching to try.

Smile Monsters, you should totally try it, just once!

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