Monday, October 1, 2012

Sweet Treats: The Cake Thief

My hubs turned 32. His work had some big shenanigans, than gave him this monster cake. I, (okay, my mom) baked him a b-day cake (chocolate by request), and me not being a fantastic decorator (which I fully intend to remedy one day, well my Halo one was awesome)... outright STOLE the flowers off of the store cake and put them on the chocolate one. Ah-ha! It was spectacular, trick candles and all. And oh boy, did that bad boy smoke!!

The pilfered flowers had some smudging, so I just did some slight camouflaging with the chocolate icing
and used a toothpick to blend the weird edges, and it turned out alright. Sprinkles helped, naturally. By putting foil around the bottom of your cake, you can freely frost it without getting icing smudges all over the cake stand. Then you just pull the foil bits out and it's nice and clean!

 Yes, he got a venus fly trap, homemade cards, balloons and hugs and kisses for his birthday. 
I also made his favorite dish, chicken enchiladas... my first time! Recipe coming soon :)

 Some people say we look alike. We got confused for a brother and sister the other day  Oo
The trick candles kept relighting, it was a family effort to get them all out. In order to avoid a cake full of spit, we eventually resorted to throwing them in a bowl full of water.
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Jessie said...

Very cute photos. I will be 31 soon! My hubby turns 29 in a few weeks, what a baby! HA! Your family is so cute.

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