Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Personal Style: Strawberry Skirt

Woah, I haven't done one of these outfit posts since my belly shot round-up! So, this is my 4 months after having my baby girl! I like this skirt/belt combo b/c it does a fairly decent job of camouflaging baby gut.

So, the Goodwill back in Watauga/ Fort Worth that I totally miss has this 'retro' section, where they put all the good, collectable stuff. I got this skirt in that section, it's a reversible, wrap skirt and it's awesome. I taught a lesson to the teens at church this Sunday about healthy living, so strawberries seemed like a good choice. One of the girls told me I looked like a strawberry :) And since cold times are approaching, this summery skirt won't be 'in season' for long.

I made this necklace, and have the last one for sale in my shop. A huge, vintage glass jewel on vintage 1960's brass chain. I love it and got tons of compliments on it!

 I love this belt, a fun, vintage thrift store find that closes with velcro. Awesome.

Seriously, I am a hairstylist. Why did I allow my hair to get this bad?! Maybe childbirth, a month of pneumonia, severe eye infections, painful foot stuff, school starting, moving and all that had somethin' to do with it. HuhIdontknow. I used a mix of 7/7, 7/03 and 6/0 in ColorTouch and 1.9 developer to make this semi-permanent heathery brunette. I only left it on the ends for a few minutes for a light coverage there, so it left a bit of an ombre effect on the highlights. Just what I was going for, perfect for fall and not too different from my natural color. And yes, I do put it on my eyebrows. Gotta match, you know!

 *la camera caught me in a rare mom moment of finger shaking and gentle scolding*
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Jessie said...

I am loving the last photo! LOL You look great!! Very cute outfit on you. The belt is awesome. I hope to do most of my shopping for clothes at thrift stores from now on. Or at least Plato's Closet, that counts as second hand! Friday I am posting a story about how I met Alice and I had your necklace on!!!!! :)

Melissa said...

That skirt is too cute! I love it.

<3 Melissa

Lisa @ Crazy Adventures in Parenting said...

Adorable! And you look WONDERFUL for just having had a baby 4 months ago!

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