Saturday, October 13, 2012

DIY Sonic the Hedgehog and Knuckles Halloween Costume

This is an easy, no sew project that everyone loves, especially our boys!! We got so many compliments! It's just a little time consuming to make, so don't do it right before you have to leave to go trick or treating, like I usually do. Since it's a no pattern design, you just have to "eyeball it" and make lots of revisions on cuts. Maybe cut out cereal boxes first would be a good idea.  Look at lots of Sonic pictures to get the idea, or just use my placement for the triangle spikes.


* blue fleece (or red for Knuckles)
* foam, about the 1 1/2 inch or 2 inch thick kind. I bought one large sheet.
* sharp scissors
* red small section of red fleece or 2 pieces of red felt (for shoes)
* one piece of yellow felt (for shoe buckles)
* white fleece, or low pile fur (for tummy, ears and strip on shoes)
* strong headband
* elastic (for under the chin, and shoe straps)
* hot glue gun
* lots of hot glue
* sweat pants and shirt (blue for Sonic, red for Knuckles)
* yellow tubing for ring (can spray paint yellow, I think we cut down a hula hoop and tape it together)


Fleece is great because it does not fray, and you don't need to hem. I originally had the spikes going down the back, but it wasn't  comfortable, and sort of flopped, so I took the back apart, cut off the triangles and glued them to the headpiece. For the head piece, I simply cut out a large square of fleece and tucked, cut and glued on angles to make it helmet like. (Except for Knuckles, I didn't fit it to the head like this, I kept his a little longer and rolled the edges and glued them like that). I put it on my child's head to see where it sit would sit on a headband, than glued it on the headband.

Next, cut foam pieces into triangles, with slight curved sides. Cut fleece to fit and hot glue fleece to your triangles. To make a nice 'edge', glue fleece strips to outline it out, I slightly rolled it under to make it look more like a sewn finish. Look at your Sonic pictures and glue your triangles down in a pattern closest to the photos, or how I did mine.

Knuckles doesn't need these triangles. I simply rolled pieces of red fleece into 'tubes' and glued them to the underside of the headpiece. Once the head piece is shaped and done, put on child's head and add your elastic strap under the chin. I covered mine in fleece, you don't have too.

For the body, cut an oval tummy and glue it on the shirt. Sonic has flesh colored arms, so you could cut the sleeves off of the shirt, but I didn't mind the long sleeves since it was a little chilly. For the shoe covers, I simply laid the fabric over the shoes, cut a hole out over it and glue pieces together to look like Sonic's shoes (like the white band and yellow buckle). (Do not glue ON the shoe, this is just a simple shoe cover!) Glue your elastic down under the sides of the red fleece and simple slip them on over the shoe, than have your child put their shoes on.

I added this project to Cut Out + Keep. (And yes, I realize the title is badly misspelled!) If you do it, I would love to see it!

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