Friday, May 4, 2012

Personal Style: Obligatory Belly Shots

 October-November ish? Just beginning to show. Face still a little slim. Details here.

My personal style posts definitely ended around my pregnancy beginning, since I was a weirdo and didn't mention my 'condition' to anyone until I was about 5 months along! So I will just do a quick rundown here. I've never been a big fan of belly posting, or over sharing of pregnancy related stuff in general... but you know, this is for posterity and all that.

 1st week of March... Baby Shower Day!

 Beginning of April. Walking induced swelling up on the Riverwalk in San Antonio

 End of April. Got all 'inspired' and cut me some bangs, and doing something crazy with my eyeballs. Outfit details here.

May 3rd, outfit details here

 May 5th doing the hospital walk through... due May 7th! 

It will  be interesting to see what happens to ma belly from here, given this is my 3rd and all :)

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vivian said...

only a few days to go! You'll pop right back into shape I bet. but.. are you sure your not having twins? lol! Keep us posted with baby pics when your little bundle arrives. boy ? girl? Not sure if you mentioned or not.
good luck LIsa.

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