Sunday, August 28, 2011

Homefront: Plants and Pixies

This leaf is shaped like a heart. LIKE A HEART! adorableness.

Our lawn is crunchy and brown in most places, but at least I have some very drought resistant hedges. And since I am lethal to any house plant that enters my abode, these bush trimmings make for a dandy fresh, no guilt it it dies plant. And, it lasts for well over a week or two, just add water as it evaporates.

 Select cuttings with nice, crisp, green leaves and several little branches for fullness. Remove any leaves with brown spots, cuts, bird poo, spider webs... and the lower leaves that would otherwise be rotting in the water.

I love my thrifted urn. $2 or something.

I like to stack things on books. Especially awesome vintage books with charming illustrations and titles. Like my, They Marched with Spartacus (amazing cover, why didn't I photography it?) and Pound Foolish ones.

This little elfin pixie boy was found with my mom at my fav. antique mall before I moved. He is clearly vintage, I'm thinking 40's? It is only stamped with it's place of origin, Japan. I've seen this collection once online but do not know anything about them. Does anyone know?

I love these polka dot curtains, $5 at Home Depot on clearance. I wish they had an army of them, to add in our living room, but this was the last set.

What a cutie patootie.

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