Monday, August 8, 2011

Horses are our Friends

Severely emaciated? No, but emaciated none the less. It happens all. the. time. Am I a horse expert? Certainly not. But the conditions of these horses struck me as pretty pathetic and having ridden on healthy horses before, these did not strike me as healthy or nourished. These three horses are right by the road, the fence is so shoddy and open at points they just had a large tree trunk thrown around one hole to keep the horses in, and barely enough grass to eat.

The stable looks as if it's about to fall down and yes, there are a few horses in there. So, I did call and complain to the proper authorities about a week ago. I drove by today and one horse is gone, though perhaps he has just been moved to a farther field. This is a stables company after all. The other adult and baby remain.

 I wish I had gotten a picture of the other side of this baby, it had a scaly looking welts all along it's trunk.

 Rib cages and hip joints are not supposed to be so prevalent in a healthy, well fed horse.

Be an animal friend! Especially in this hot weather, where I see countless animals chained outside with no water or shelter, or locked in hot cars That's like putting your pet in a microwave. You better believe I will bash in your window if I see a dog or cat or CHILD locked in there. People don't realize that the temperature rises severely in cars and can and DOES lead to death. I adopted a kitten the same day (I saw these horses) because it was being given away outside a store. The poor thing was panting. Kittens don't pant unless they are having heat stroke. Come'on people, it's well over 100 degrees out right now.

If you witness something amiss, don't be afraid to contact the authorities! In the case of the horses, I don't know if they are severely being mistreated or what. But by calling it in, I leave it in the hands of the experts. So, no harm done if all is well. If it isn't, than hopefully steps will be taken to provide a safer and healthier environment for these magnificent creatures.

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Anne said...

Oh man, seeing that just makes my blood boil. Why spend all the money on having horses if you're not even going to take good care of them?!? You did the right thing, those babies look awful.

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