Thursday, September 1, 2011

Chaotic Color

While I love a beautiful white, restful room/outfit/style, either in modern, urban farmhouse or shabby glory... the chaotic color vibe pulls me in, at least for a little while. Just long enough to get my toes wet in something eclectic, before I retreat back into sterile, predictable comfort. I think I get whip lash changing back and forth, so while my slipcovers went back on today, I felt drawn to these photos. Just like this lovely home above of jeanhclee. For some reason, I'm sensing a familiar color pattern of pinks, oranges and greens. Bright colors have a jolt of energy to them, you know? Perhaps my body is clinging to these sprightly images as a subconscious way to burst me out of this crazy,stressful fog I've been subjected to lately.


JLR22 said...

Hi, Your "award ribbon canopy bed... unknown" is from The Telegraph (UK Newspaper)here (2nd photo): It's titled: "White Christmas: at home with Chrissie Rucker: The woman behind one of this country’s foremost homeware retailers pulls out all the stops when it comes to decorating her Oxfordshire manor." I used google image search (the app is installed on my computer). It's a great way to keep track of who and where your images are being posted :)

Little Lovables said...

Thanks so much for the info! I've been looking all over for it :)

Jessie said...

I love a room with pops of color balanced with white walls or white furniture. Great post.

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