Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easy and Simple Hair Style Tutorials

As a hairstylist, you may find it amazing that I only blow dry my hair about 10 times a year.  I usually pull it up, or let it air dry in loose waves. I do apply product and help sculpt those waves, but my hair is much healthier without the constant heat damage. Since it's already getting so hot here in Texas, and frizz season is upon us, I found it fitting to post some of my favorite casual hair styles that can be pulled off the face from fashion bloggers, that are easy and stylish. Ponytails are so blah, so make it a bit more fun!

I made a loose ponytail, then pulled out the front crown area, twisted it and pined it in.

 Ashely from I Believe in Unicorns has amazing long hair style

 This ponytail roll is so cute.. looks very easy to do as well. After you secure your ponytail, take a thin section of hair and wrap it around the elastic and pin in place. Then, take your tail and roll it under, also pinning it in place.  If you do a bit of backcombing prior to doing the ponytail, your pins will stay more secure.

 Love Ashley's hair bow. I don't think I have long enough hair to attempt it.

 Love Kristine's hapahazard bun. It's clipped back at the bangs and loosely pulled back low on the side.

 Kristine's floral headscarf is tied in a knot over this loose bun.

Kristine's high side bun is unusual in that it's tight, but it's so cute on her.
It looks like she has a twist going on near her side part as well..

 Sydney has a simple braid one one side of the hairline, and pulled into a low, side wavy ponytail.

 Sydney's famous bun that sparked her Bun turorial video.


Forever Lovely said...

These looks are great! I love the messy style and the pony tail roll!

-Forever Lovely


Domesticated-Bliss said...

Thanks for this! I am super lazy when it comes to my hair, I pretty much wash, blow dry and wear straight every day. I was looking for some new easy to do hair :)


thanks for this great post! i love the styls and will definitely try some!

lovely greetings,
wibke fingerfabrik.com

ashley in wonderland said...

awww, thanks for those kind words! and i agree with you, those are some great styles and perfect for summer! get that hair off our necks :)

LiPeony said...

awesome looks... I really like the different variations of ponytails and buns especially the cinnamon bun one =D

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