Thursday, March 31, 2011

Personal Style: Rule of Three

I didn't go anywhere today. But I thought, "Why not get at least a little bit cute?" Normally, I would have worn this shirt with ratty jeans (okay, pajama pants) and flip flops. I thought, there must be something simple I can do to work this and still feel "at home comfortable." I did technically break one rule with the brooch. Aren't brooches for like cardigans, jackets... basically things with a lapel? Well, I've always thought so, but I enjoyed using it on an old tee, and I think you can do it too.

So, I invented the Rule of Three.

*Three minimal accessories to posh up an otherwise unremarkable outfit.*

1. Red lipstick Rimmel moisture renew in Red Alert 900... (will do a post on wearing red lipstick soon)
2. Vintage brooch
3. Awesome shoes.... ones that compliment your outfit but are still comfortable.

I had a belt and rolled jeans to make 5 things I normally wouldn't do while just lazing around the house in a few pics, but the 3 pieces work just fine for me to turn a boring outfit into something a little less boring.

I even jazzed up my mom ponytail, by making it a tad higher than usual, wrapping it loosely for a bit of a mess and pulling the top part out like a crazy woman and twisting in a bobby pin for a bit of 'oomph'.

Sparkles... old vintage brooches can be found anywhere. I got this at an antique mall for very cheap. Tip: Brooches can be heavy.. if pinning on a loose shirt, grab it through a bit of your bra strap to stabilize it better.

 I loved these shoes like a lot. Thrifted, of course. They were too big... so I just tucked the strap since there were no holes for my size. Maybe I'll drill 'em later, but maybe not, the tuck looks kind of cute.

 See, cute but maybe too much going on with the belt and the side tuck. You think?

 hubs told me to walk as I stood there cluelessly...

 He always manages to get a bum shot.
My pound puppy, rescued when she was 4 months old... before I even met my husband.
She's almost 9 now, I love my Jackie Chup, though it makes me sad to see her aging,
and even sadder knowing what this lady did to her dog!

This is what he calls a 'perspective shot" So people can see how low I am to the ground since I'm barely 5"

Love him too, such a sweetheart. When we were dating and first married, people used to stop and
ask him if he was a model. Made me feel like a toad... a happy one, but a toad nonetheless.

So ladies, remember the Rule of Three. What small 3 things can you do to jazz yourself up today?

*shirt: target/ jeans: delias thrifted/ brooch: vintage thrifted/ shoes: apt 9 thrifted/ belt: vintage thrifted*
*linked to Clothed Much's Rule Breaking Monday... visit for lots of other rule breakers


Kristina P. said...

Very cute! I am a huge brooch fan.

LiPeony said...

Awesome little ways to jazz up an outfit. I agree red lipstick vamps up any outfit to the next lvl. I think you look great and you don't look 5 ft in that outfit. For me its just putting minimal make up as normally I put on none, a nice belt and using a fun pin to pin up my hair or earrings =)

Melissa: Write it in Lipstick said...

The brooch is a great touch. I have my moms old brooches and I need to wear them more often.

Write it in Lipstick

Deila said...

I like your ideas. Now how about some tips for an older mom, say 56? You have given me something to think about. I loved your photos. You look gorgeous.

vivian said...

Youre too cute Lisa! I think you would look pretty good in just about anything. Me on the other hand, if I put those shoes on, it would be pretty funny!
those muffins in the previous post are sending me to the kitchen right now to find something sweet!
I hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Mongs said...

That is a nice vintage brooch and you look great. Hi ! found you at fashion friday. You have a lovely family and a cute dog.

love from

Jessie said...

You are so adorable! I LOVE LOVE the shoes. My feet are so small that I really have a hard time finding cute shoes that I can wear. Most the time I have to shop in the kids area. BOO! I need to dress cuter everyday also. Yesterday I did curl my hair and pull it back. I'm trying! lol I am a jeans and t-shirt kinda girl. Thanks for inspiring me. I need to hit a thrift store soon.

Jessie said...

Oh ya,...and my husband ALWAYS takes pictures of my butt. lol

Monique Zuman said...

That outfit is so simple yet you look so beautiful wearing it!!

Monique xx

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