Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Personal Style: Denim Ballerina

I have been looking for the perfect denim jacket oh for about, five years now. I finally came across two contenders while thrifting the other day. An adorable Banana Republic one and this. I don't know why, but the lack of lapels really struck me, it seemed more effortless to wear and less 'jackety'. I also really love the faux epaulets look with the shoulder detail and the fact that the sleeves rolled easily had me sold. Once I got it home, I was worried it would be crazy hot, but I got lucky in that we had a cool morning!

You know, I'm going to be 30 in a few weeks. I can honestly say I didn't start to notice those 'fine lines' around my eyes/nose until about 6 months ago. I can tell you though, I honestly love them and am so happy to be aging. That said of course, I'm so glad I've been working out these past few months. I've noticed a spike in my energy level and am starting to lose a bit of the stomach pooch... still got a few inches to go! Hair was inspired by Sydney's Daybook bun tutorial and twisty belt knotting by Elaine of Clothed Much, (I did mine a wee different, but her tutorial is better). Not really digging the boots, can't decide if it's the cut or color... maybe both...

jacket: thrifted/ boots: candies/ cuff: thrifted/ earrings: jeweled ambrosia (handmade by me)
shirt: look for fiddleheads/ belt: calvin klein thrifted/ jeans: vanilla star/ bag: ralph lauren thrifted

 one of my little guys

my other little guy


Forever Young said...

Love the vintage T. So cute!!!


M.O.T.B said...

What a cool look, love the t-shirt and belt!

styled by 3 said...

such a great tee-shirt, so cute with a belt!


Monique Zuman said...

Love those boots!! Soo cute!

Monique xx

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