Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The Influence of Color

Today's color combination is quite, obviously, turquoise and hues of yellow.  I had a discussion with a friend years ago, about using colors as verbs in our writing. Aside from "feeling blue" as a form of sadness, I couldn't really justify using color as a verb, or even a noun. I know cliches exist, red=rage, green=envy and the like, but wanted more proof than that.

Then, he wrote a lovely prose that ended with something along the lines of, "he reached out to the sky, and he could feel blue." It made perfect sense and changed my mind about the use of color as more than just imagery, but as a way we wrap ourselves up in something greater then needing to name or objectify it outright.

My husband once pointed out to me, that when ever we go shopping, I always pick up something that perfectly coordinates with my current outfit. If I am wearing my muted orange sweater, everything will be orange or caramels. If I am wearing a pale pink blouse, then all I pick up will be pinks. If I'm wearing gray (which is the usual choice), then everything will be... you get the idea.

I found that interesting how I was magnetized to the same color I had been attracted to in the mornings. How, I can look perfectly fine in one thing, but change it because the color isn't suiting me that day and makes me feel "too bright", "too down", "too noticable"...

It is amazing to realize how deeply influencing color can be. If you could feel a color today, what would it be? What color do you surround yourself with when you are feeling sad, happy, confused, energized?

*This is a repost from last year. Our computer isn't set up at or new place, so no access to my photos yet.


Kristina P. said...

This is a great question. I don't really know what I gravitate too. Probably pinks and purples.

Crafting in the beach hut said...

Hmmm thoughtful post. I'm feeling a bit grey today but the sun is shining so hopefully a bit of gardening later will cheer me up!

Am now thinking about colours and feelings. Not sure what feeling orange would be... maybe a bit unpredictable. Or happy. Or tranquil. Thikn my gray mood is lifting - thank you for some jolly pics :o) Lucy xox PS Great choice of photos.

Domesticated-Bliss said...

Kind of silly, but usually the color underwear I pick out dictates the outfit :)

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