Monday, June 7, 2010

Hope Floats: A Balloon Journey

uncredited. anyone know whose it is?

Golden, curly haired, adorable little ones, with the soft, rosy pink tones and the sweet message of hope. Notice hope is reminiscent to something, light, airy, hanging by a thread. Simply let go, and it's gone.

It would be different if it was a photo of two children holding anvils. Heavy, stoic, firm, unmovable, unable to be shaped, opaque no, that wouldn't be right.

Hope, uplifts us, lightens our load, overcomes our weaknesses, helps us look upward, set our focus and concentrate our energy. Hope is something we engage our hearts in, we grasp on to, and hold on for the ride.

miss m

Miss Dior Cherie

Hope is an investment in ourselves and in our future. 


Kristina P. said...

This is adorable.

vivian said...

sweet post!

Anne said...

So true. Those photos are all so beautiful. So, I have an award waiting for you on my blog! Come and grab it :)

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